Quick start guide

Depending on your purchase you will receive one or two installers, one for the desktop application and one for the command line application. So you have hit next a few times on the installer - now what?

Desktop application

Starting up the desktop application will present you with the start screen. Here we can open projects, solutions or individual libraries. Click the open dialogue and select a project you are currently working on.

Live Documenter start screen

You will be presented with a screen that shows in the left hand panel the namespaces that are defined in your project and in the right hand panel the documentation. Expanding namespaces and selecting items on the left hand side is a simple way to navigate through a project to find documentation.

Live Documenter documentation screen


A more convenient way of finding information is to use the search bar at the top of the left hand panel. Typing here will present you with a list of all the types and members that match your criteria.

Searching in Live Documenter


Live Documenter is packaged with a number of pre-built export configurations. Selecting the export option will present you with a dialogue to export your documentation.

Documentation export

For now select the Web MSDN export, and note the location that it is being exported to. Be careful not to output to an existing directory as the contents are cleaned prior to exporting. Hit the go button.

In a small amount of time the success message will be shown and your documentation is complete. Navigate to the folder and select the index.htm file to browse the documentation you have just created.

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