Live Documenter Desktop Application

This document describes the desktop application which provides a live, up-to-date view of a your documentation. It also allows you to export documentation as a one-off.

The application can be started from your installation directory or from the desktop icon. On opening the application you will be presented with the start screen. This allows you to select from a recent list of files you have opened or to open a new file to view the documentation.

Files that can be opened are, sln, dll, vs project files and Live Documenter project files (ldproj).


Live Documenter toolbar

The options from left to right are:

View settings

At the bottom of the page of the document a number of settings are available that control how you view the documentation. These settings are saved in your user profile so only need to be changed once.

View options

From left to right these settings are:

Live updating

One of the many features of the Live Documenter is that it continually displays a live up-to-date representation of your project documentation. Every time you peform a build of your software in Visual Studio (or otherwise modify the binaries) Live Documenter will automatically reload the documentation so your view is up to date.

This feature happens automatically and requires no configuration.