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TheBoxSoftware.API.LiveDocumenter Namespace


public classContentEntry
Represents an individual entry in the Documentation.
public classContentEntryCollection
Represents a sequence of ContentEntry elements.
public classCRefPath
Class that handles and parses a CRef comment path. A CRef path can contain a fully qualified link to a type, property, method etc in an assembly.
public classDocumentation
The Documentation class provides access to methods which allow you to load and obtain information and documentation from a documentation file.
public classDocumentationException
Details an exception with the documentation.
public classEntryNotFoundException
Details an error where an entry was not found in the documentation.
public classLicenceException
An exception that is thrown by the API when there is a licensing issue.
public classTableOfContents
Provides access to the table of contents for Documentation.


public enumCRefTypes
An enumeration of the available types of element that can be referenced by a cref path in the xml code comments for an assembly.